Both our lakes are around 1.5 acres in size with island features and varying depth features to create fish holding areas. The top lake, our match lake, features a great many fish, including roach, perch, tench, skimmer bream, bronze bream, rudd and, of course, a great many carp. It's not unusual to catch 30 or so carp around 5lb in a day session, with considerably more possible on a 24 hour session!

Both lakes feature excellent fish holding areas around the margins of the islands and also in the reed margins immediately accessible from selected pegs. We have a free brochure available which explains what to expect from all the different pegs, so don't forget to pick one up when you first visit.

Favourite methods for the top lake include feeders, try a a mix of maggot, sweetcorn and groundbait with a size 16 hook for most species cast as close to the islands as you dare. Alternatively, a bait cast about 12 inches from the reeds around the corner pegs should produce fish. Another method that produces big bags of fish is the waggler fished up in the water with a coarse pellet hookbait. Feed small amounts of pellet frequently to get the best from this method.

Our specimen lake offers superb sport for the angler looking for BIG FISH! Catfish over 45lbs, and 350+ Carp to over 32lbs provide plenty of specimen fish. The specimen lake also has a stock of large Roach, Bream, and Perch, with Tench around the 10.5lbs mark! Boilies or halibut pellets, no nut baits please, tipped with artificial pop up sweetcorn offered correctly are likely to attract the attention of some hard fighting Catfish or Carp!

With only 16 pegs on this lake, there is plenty of room to set up your bivvy and all the comforts of home should you decide to spend a few days at the water's edge!

While you're here, don't forget our peg service to keep you supplied with everything you might need.